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2005 OBW 2.5 4EAT / 2005 LGT Wagon 5MT
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Hey All,

I've tried to be thorough with my searching, but haven't come across and answer for this particular question yet. My '05 LGT has the Subaru rearh wheel arch rot, up to about the dogleg on the drivers side and just a touch of rust starting on the passenger side.

I intend to cut away all the bad bits and weld in donor metal from another car, if possible, since I don't think I am quite up to the task of fabricating the parts accurately from scratch.

So, to that end, in my neck of the woods, Outback are all over, but Legacy Wagons are pretty hard to find, and I haven't come across any MY05 Legacy wagons in reasonably local scrapyards. There are, however, some Outbacks, and even a bunch being parted out online.

So, since I would rather not peel the plastic wheel covers off of my DD to start taking measurements, does anyone know if that particular part of the body is the same for Legacy/Outback? I would really assume so, barring maybe some holes for the plastic mounting pins, but I do realize there are subtle differences.

Everything else seems like it's in good shape, and the car has been rust coated by the PO, so very little rust elsewhere. MT LGT wagons are hard kind of hard to find, and in any case, getting a donor to re-shell will probably have as much rust, and probably a whole bunch of other problems. So, I felt like this might be the best solutions.

I appreciate any advice from anyone else's experience, or previous adventures in patching up this (seemingly) common problem.

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