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Outback w/ Adopted Subaru Rims

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Hi All,

I am getting a new winter set up for my 07' DGM 2.5 limited. The first set of sports edition rims rusted out and bubbling. Was wondering if anybody had pics of their outback with other models of subaru's 16" OEM rims from an impreza, forester or outback sport. Found a few used but no idea how they would look.

BTW. I call subaru parts in BT VT today and the wanted 1100 including center cap, stems and TPMS for the stock 16 steel rims, like the forester. LOL. what a joke.
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No pictures, but I've put one of those "half-moon" Forester 16" wheels on our 07 Outback XT Ltd (a front corner), and it fit just fine.

Of course, appearance is a different matter, all in the eye of the beholder. HPH
No, I meant these:

And offset differences less than a centimeter (10mm) aren't usually an issue. HPH
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