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Outback w/ Adopted Subaru Rims

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Hi All,

I am getting a new winter set up for my 07' DGM 2.5 limited. The first set of sports edition rims rusted out and bubbling. Was wondering if anybody had pics of their outback with other models of subaru's 16" OEM rims from an impreza, forester or outback sport. Found a few used but no idea how they would look.

BTW. I call subaru parts in BT VT today and the wanted 1100 including center cap, stems and TPMS for the stock 16 steel rims, like the forester. LOL. what a joke.
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ya these ones I'm guessing. I like them actually. Just thought the price subaru wants for them is retarded. They wanted 80 dollars for the center caps alone!
oh and does the 7mm offset diffrence (48mm Outback/Legacy/Forester) - (55mm Impreza) real make that much of difference in performance? I hear of possiable added wear to the wheel bearings? Also does it mean that the tire will only sit 7mm closer to the car?
Thanks for the info DrCloud. Oh ya those ones. jp1203 ua they are slick. I like these the best. They're plain but...

I found some pic of guys on here who have them mount on their OTBs,
Check this thread I just found...the almost all end all of Subaru rim threads. To bad no part numbers and they're missing your favorite jp1203

Master thread of OEM Subaru Wheel Specs - NASIOC
I had them on for 4 seasons. But I am in Quebec and they are addicted to salt on the roads here. I never expected them to outlast the tires.
ok well I have two options before I keep debating the snow is here and I have no tires...

Option #1 - easiest - I found a deal for 600$ with 2 season old Nokian Hakka 5 studded mounted on these WRX rims;

Option #2 - More of a pain in the ass - I can go really out of by way and buy these rims for $250;

and buy a set of brand new Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 225/60R16 for $468 for a total of 718 + 100 for mounting a balancing?

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Ended up going with the WRX with Hakka 5 studded. I'm happy with the set up have had several heavy dumps and a few ice rain days and they are great. However should of held out. Right after I bought them someone posted on craigslist a set of hakka 7 with the same wheels and the same price and only one season while the ones I bought were two. :(
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