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Outback Won't Fire!!

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Hello All,

I hope I'm posting to the correct spot here. My wife and I have a 2008 Subaru Premium 2.5 Outback Auto Wagon.
It's an Auto. (4 Speed, I think:)

At random intervals it will refuse to fire. Simply turns over endlessly.
The only fix seems to be to lock it and walk away for five minutes. Generally coming back and unlocking it and attempting to start, it will start. Though one may need to do this up to three or four times.

Seems like the turning off and locking is like shutting your computer down and draining the power, for a reset. We have replaced the starter motor that had one dead link. Also have had new keys supplied and programmed by the local dealer. No change. Code lights are on generally and vary. Dealer couldn't find the problem. Local sparky couldn't either!

Do love the car apart from this. Any help appreciated! :smile2:

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to confirm lack of fuel, carry a can of starter fluid to see it that makes it fire.

is there any connection to the instances it fails? weather or parkd on a slant or very short run-time? (like start car, back out of garage, turn car off, close garage door, try to restart and fail?

where are you located?
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