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Outfitting a Gen3 w/ dual HVAC with a double DIN?

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Hey guys,

So in my haste I ordered a double din kit from Scosche and a Pioneer double din deck, excited that it would pop in with the new bezel and I would be done with it.

I didn't account for the fact that I had the dual HVAC setup, making the bezel not fit, and me SOL. (The bezel is for sale, by the way, should anyone need one)

Has anyone successfully removed their stock stereo and hacked in a double DIN? I really, really want to get rid of the shitty stock deck.

I cant seem to find any kits, the closest thing I found was replacing it with a JDM bezel which I cant seem to find much information on. Alas, I'm here with a deck and no way to put it in.

Any ideas?
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If I'm not mistaken the generally accepted way to do it is using the JDM components. If you can find a specialty stereo shop that is willing to cut on the OEM piece you might get a full custom piece but expect to pay nearly if not more than what the JDM pieces would cost. Do some difggin on here, I know that there have been a few people that have done it and noted whats necessary.
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