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Just to update this thread my mechanic is challenging that it's a HG issue because theres coolant in the exhaust when he did a compression test, funny thing is he never mentioned that it could be the HG causing the car to over heat.So Monday I'm taking the car to him and where going to see if it's an external leak. So when I'm under the car with him what and where do I look for?
He is going to blame anything he can to avoid honoring his warranty. It is highly unlikely to be anything other than a leaky head gasket, no matter if the leak is internal or external, or if is showing up in the exhaust system. He probably did a fast and loose job of cleaning the heads, possibly giving them a sub par finish, and that caused the early failure.

Ask him if he would like you to get it fixed at the dealer, he pays if the dealer finds a bad HG, you pay if it turns out to be a crack. (Hint.......No way he will agree......He knows it is a HG, he just wants to find a way for you to pay for it.)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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