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I still wonder if he used the correct gaskets. The evidence of a coolant leak indicates he didn't. Just because he put "Subaru" on the invoice doesn't mean it came from Subaru or is a correct Subaru fit. Could have been a Fel Pro gasket for a Subaru and not the steel set. Same with the timing belt.

I could right "Bogati Thermostat" on an invoice and it means nothing unless I can back it up with the purchase order from Bogati.

Just sayin'. I see a lot of evidence of shady trading in this business. Especially after I disassemble the car. (ex. Customer pays 1900 for a set of struts on a Lexus RX330. Struts are making noise after 3000 miles and she is getting nowhere with the shop that installed the "proper struts for the vehicle". Gabriels. Really. For 1900.)
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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