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Hey all, I've got a 2003 Outback H4 with 160k miles. A couple months ago my car started overheating, and being really busy I just parked it and figured I'd worry about it later. So now that I'm actually trying to solve the problem, here's what I've found:

Once the engine warms up, it overheats within a few minutes.
If it gets very hot then the coolant in the reservoir starts bubbling (boiling?), and once I even had the pressure blow the reservoir cap open and spray coolant everywhere. This was a fun day.
Smoke comes out of the radiator if I remove the cap while the car is running.
Smoke comes out of the oil cap if I remove it after the car has been running.
Some whitish/grayish smoke comes out of the exhaust when it is running, but not an excessive amount.
Some kind of fluid also comes out of the exhaust, and more comes out when you step on the gas. I originally thought this was coolant, but I took a close look and wiped the inside of the exhaust pipe with a rag, and it's black. I'm pretty sure it's oil. Despite this, the oil level has remained full without me adding any more.
There's also a bunch of what I assume is oil or burned up oil on the bottom of the car, under the engine. Check out the attached pic of my oil filter.
So what do you guys think?


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