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I have a 1999 Subaru outback legacy. A couple weeks ago it overheated on a 2 hr drive after exiting the freeway. Here are the symptoms:

1. Coolant seems to be disappearing from the radiator (I have been refilling the radiator)
2. The overflow container has not lost coolant
3. No visible leaks
4. Pressure test says not the head gasket (also no milky look to the oil)
5. No weird exhaust
6. Seems to lose coolant mostly on the freeway
7. Checked the thermostat it was fine, and a lot of coolant drained from the engine side, but not so much from the radiator side
8. Only begins to overheat after being on the freeway for 30+min and I exit, then it will begin to overheat at stop lights, but cools back down the second I start driving
9. Only loses a negligible amount of coolant driving around small town and has not yet overheated
10. Fans appear to work fine

Any ideas what could be going on? Could it be the radiator?

Thanks for looking!
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