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2008 Outback 3.0; 6 cylinder
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Hi new user here; third Subaru, first with problems like this. 2008 Outback LL Bean edition, 6 cylinder, ~ 86,000 miles. Check engine light (and all lights) flashing, rough running, sharply reduced gas mileage. Two mechanics and then a dealer visit has included: two new variable valve solenoids, two new oil switching valves; two oil changes and a new filter. Five times the CEL has been reset, and five times, it comes on again after 40 miles or less.

Any suggestions for what's next? Dealer says possible oil pressure switch? I'm already $1,031 into this and wondering how much more I'm in for. Advice, suggestions welcomed! I'm not particularly technical so comments in English, please! Many thanks.

1.28.13 update -- just heard from the dealer... they replaced the oil pressure switch ($350) and the codes are still coming up. They're saying it is a "CAM advance problem" -- Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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