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2005 LL Bean 3.0R
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Have a 2005 LL Bean. Codes it is giving on CEL are P0171B and P0174B.
My mechanic thinks my Variable Valve Timing has a problem. I think the new AF/O2 sensor he put in a couple months ago is malfunctioning. Prior to these codes we were also getting "Lean Knock Codes" for both banks (sorry, mechanic never would tell me the numbers). Anyone have any input??

A little history here: car purchased last year 82,000mi, 3.0R, had the P0420 problem (no, I don't need advice on P0420). Has had the P0420 intermittently ever since. Has had new cat installed on right bank and new O2 sensor on right bank (all the 0420 codes have been right bank). In September the CEL came on and it was a bad AF sensor on the right bank. Replaced it. Car ran great until about two weeks ago, no more P0420, gas mileage went up, car actually accelerated again, seemed like our 0420 problem was solved! Now, CEL came on again, no more 0420, now lean knock codes started showing up on both banks, we aren't getting those codes now, they seemed to have stoped after we got rid of a K&N filter and cleaned up a fouled MAF sensor, and now I have P0171B and P0174B (right bank AF trim) and no more knock codes. Does anyone have a guess what the problem might be? Again, I think the new O2 sensor is a logical place to start, my mechanic is trying to send me to a dealership, and I can't afford them, and all they are gonna do is send me back to the mechanic (I think) after they gouge me for bunch more money, and tell me the mechanic needs to replace his bad O2 sensor.... Mechanic says VVT is stuck (I don't buy that) Any input here???, no, not about 0420, but what is 0171 and 0174???
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