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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some troubleshooting help with my 1998 Subi. Its a MT 5spd legacy Outback with 226K. (300 baby, here I come.)

About... 4K ago? I changed the Clutch. (Turns out the actual lever broke in half and it was not my pressure plate...) A little after that, my CEL came on with a P0240. After a while, I look under the car and I definitely have a broken External Housing seal with tranny fluid dripping right on to the 02 sensor. The thing is, the car is also acting like it has a bad cat. It'll will get bogged down occasional in low RPMs. Typically when going from a stop. Could the dripping on the cat cause this? Or is my Cat truly bad? When I was doing my clutch, the exhaust did take a pounding on the floor. There were some times when I punched the cat because it was in my way (the catalytic converter that is...) Did I just loosen up crap in there and clog it all up? Thoughts?

IF it is the cat. Whats a good/cheap replacement? The whole exhaust system is rusted solid. So, whatever I buy will be going to a muffler shop so they can deal with getting it put in. Mostly likely cutting the old one out and welding in the new one.

Any thoughts or experience with this would be great. (Especially on a good replacement cat if that's the issue) I've dug around the forums and found little tid-bits here and there, but nothing specific to my issue.

Thanks so much!
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