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00 Wht/Tan OBW, 01 LSB/Blk BMW M3, 01 TiAg/Blk BMW 330Ci, 95 Blk/Red C4, 02 Blue Mazda P5 = all mt :)
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I recently completed my EJ25 SOHC rebuild and everything seems to be running smoothly, but I am continuously getting a P0340 code for cam sensor circuit bank 1.

Also the weird thing is if i clear the code it will stay off if the car idles, but when I rev the car up the CEL comes on. I am currently not getting any other codes though

I thought it might be the timing belt tensioner, but it is brand new along with the rest of the timing kit all Japanese made. And timing is spot on as far as i can tell, although would the car run smoothly if it was one tooth off?

I also put in a new alternator and battery, but still getting the code.

car is a 2000 outback limited 5MT

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