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P0600, Limp mode, ER HC, ER SS

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2008 Outback 2.5i Limited w/ VDC. When I put the car into drive it moves forward but when I press the gas it just revs, it will accelerate under its own power and allow some throttle response once moving but if I give it too much gas it just revs higher. This is especially problematic when making a sharp turn, causing the car to be undrivable on public roads.

Background on the car: The guy I bought the car from said it needed a transmission. I found it had the WRONG transmission in it (one without VDC, code TZ1B8LFEBA) so I replaced it with the proper transmission (with VDC, code TV1B8MFEBA) and got 1,500 miles out of the replacement. I was driving, made a turn, the car revved without acceleration for a few seconds and slammed super hard into gear and threw all the dash lights. I limped back down the highway about 3 miles to my shop and that was that. Scanned and had a code for a pressure control solenoid (can't remember exact code) and decided to just replace the trans again.

I installed the next used replacement, and the first drive seemed like a big improvement until it got up to full temp and started doing the things mentioned in the first paragraph. Last time I scanned it I had codes C0045, C0022, C0052, no Pxxxx codes stored in the ECM or TCM. I figured there's no way this thing is just spitting out trannys so I replaced the TCM and it's still not fixed. Fluid level looks good and no noticeable faults in the wiring. Where else do I look or how do I go about about testing things? Any input is appreciated.
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dunno what those codes are. any dents in the trans pan? you said fluid is OK but, and pardon me but have to ask - fluid level is checked while idling right?

when the trans has been replaced - did it include the front diff too?

a half axle popped partly out of the trans, or with certain kinds of failure, might do this.
did the car get a replacement trans or rear diff in the past?

tires all the same size/brand/model?
Is there a 'port' or tube, etc. that would allow for testing of pump pressure?
some of the early CANBUS cars were sensitive to some types of LED bulbs and other aftermarket electronics......any changes like that made before this began?
maybe it needs a battery disconnect 'reset' ?
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