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Hi All:

I've been blowing P2096 (fuel too lean) code on my 12 Outback for a number of months now. We've replaced the front O2 sensor which was starting to fail. That seemed to fix the problem for about 3-4 months. Then P2096 codes started to blow regularly. I was in the process of having the rear 02 and the cat replaced when the mechanic at the dealership discovered he'd been sent the wrong cat. He had already torn the car apart so he had to put it back together in anticipation of the correct cat being shipped. Now I'm no longer receiving codes.

Any thoughts of what to do? I don't want, obviously, to replace the cat if I don't have to (expensive). The cat code hasn't blown yet. I've read around on the subject - it can be a difficult diagnosis - and I've looked at schematics and tried to figure out what might have been going wrong/is going wrong such that just taking out the parts and then replacing them might have solved the issue but I can't see anything obvious like a vacuum leak.

I just thought I'd solicit thoughts in the interim before the cat arrives and I have to make a decision as to whether it gets installed. Has anyone on this forum had a similar experience - I've read other threads on this problem but I haven't seen anything that quite gets at my situation.

Many thanks and cheers
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