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2011 Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab Long Box
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Rustoleum Graphite metal flake wheel paint.

Clean wheels with paint prep, sand with 800 grit, fill any dings, primer with rustoleum wheel primer, 3 coats of paint at 1-3 hour intervals depending on temp 2 coats of clear. Let them dry for a few days before subjecting to elements if possible.

I taped off the outside lip and sanded it to bare aluminum and polished it before clearing. it's been a year and everything is holding up fine, no peeling or fading. Might paint the other set of WRX wheels I have black, to see if I like those better. Oh yeah, clean the lug holes out well and cover the tapered seat before painting, I used pennies, then popped the out before the paint dried. If you paint the seats, the first time you install the lugs they will chip the paint up on you.
That looks great...much better than the ones that are simply black IMO!

Is your OB at the stock height, BTW? Hard to tell for sure in that picture.
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