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'04 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport H-4 4EAT Platinum Silver Metallic
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Finally added the front amber LED's so now when the infamous Parking Lights switch is on it shouldn't drain the battery much.
I probably won't test for how long it can go before the car would have trouble starting but since someone else has said they left them on for over 8 hours with regular bulbs I'm guessing this could be okay more than a day and night. No more worries anyhow, in case I leave them on. Red LED's for the taillights were already added several weeks ago.

There's a good step by step with pictures someone else did at for removing the 2004+ style impreza headlights. I just pulled mine forward enough to get to the parking marker lamps. The LED's I used are the inverted cone kind, got at ebay for just $3.30 pair (shipped), so that the light would shine out sideways since the bulb sockets are pointing out to the side. Not real bright LED's but looks okay at night.

I won't be tearing my headlights apart like that mod shows, can't bear the thought of cooking them in an oven. :)
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