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Or better yet, put down the EFFING phone and pay attention to driving. I am so sick of manufacturers trying to take control from drivers because the drivers are not doing their job. I don't need a car that parks itself because I learned how to park a car. I don't need a car that applies the brakes for me because I am looking at the road ahead and have the ability (and responsibility) to apply the brakes as needed. /rant.

The new crash test shows that the old tests were successful in the evolution in design. The former issues were problem areas that caused the highest claim payments by insurance companies. We now see that the highest injury claims are now coming from incedents that on the surface would be considered relitively minor accidents. The vehicles I have seen with this type of damage did not collide with another vehicle in motion, but with a fixed object. Generally, distracted driving caused the driver to veer slightly one way or the other from the lane into said object. At work there is currently a Sprinter with this type of damage.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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