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My 98 Leg. OB needs a replacement clutch kit, etc.
First purchase so I was wondering what your experiences have been with accuracy of your orders with this company? Then I have another question.

I told Joe at the order dept that I was not able to find an Exedy kit that included a Flywheel. "Is one available? If not, I'd like to buy one separately that is compatible; Likewise some other parts that might not be included". He assured me 3 times that the following was included with that kit at the price of $188.43 plus tax. So earlier I placed the order by phone with him with the understanding and agreement that all of the following would be in this order. When I asked, "Does it have the flywheel, release fork, both bearings..." he always responded "Yes, the kit includes the such and such".
He was courteous and helpful and I had no reason to doubt what I was told is true.

I got back from a meeting and checked email. The SCU is 15010. No part number available.
The cost $188.43+tax. I looked up according to price alone under that brand and a copy of the page is at the bottom of this post is from their web site. That is not what I intended to order, because it doesn't say anything aboutall of the parts that I told him clearly that I need. That might not even be what he was looking at when I placed the order.

I communicated clearly as did he so that there woild be no misunderstanding nor mistakes. I repeated back all information and was confirmed, so I should not be concerned.
The copy of parts Joe assured me were included in this kit at no additional charge are as follows:
Exedy clutch kit that INCLUDES Flywheel.
-Both Bearings (pilot & throwout)
-Clutch Release Fork and springs
-Spindle Kit

What do you think about this order? The price listing has me concerned because its the same as quoted and details of the parts I was told that are included aren't listed in the kit below.
My car is going nowhere until I have all of the parts to fix it. If they don't all come in this order, then I'm upstream without a paddle for another week.
Any suggestions?

Below is what I can see at this price at their catalog for that kit: I have nothing else to go by for an I.D. except the SKU 15010.
It is too late and a weekend so they are closed. No answer.

Exedy Clutch Kit
Click to Enlarge

(2 Reviews)
4.5 Stars
Our List Price:$188.43
with FREE Shipping
Part Number: 407-05325148
Notes: Clutch Kit -- 225 mm Disc; 8-7/8 Inch Disc; 1 Diameter Splines; Splines 24

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No replies, so maybe there's too much detail and too lengthy OR; there're just no buyers from Parts Geek to give me their opinions here?

UPDATE: I sent payment 12 days ago and its been acknowledged to have been recieved. When on the phone with the sales representative, he hung up on me while I was in mid sentence with a question. They still havent shipped parts after all this time. No tracking #.
I will try them again before going to the State Attorney General's Office or trying to get a refund on the postal money order.
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