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For those of us with them darn PIA :mad: white-lettered tires I've found the perfect solution for keeping them white. I tried all sorts of things including sandpaper, Brillo pads, and those green abrasive scrubbing pads. I purchased this brush at Home Depot in the paint department. The reason I like it so much is that you just lightly graze the surface of the letters, no hard rubbing necessary, either before (best) or after you've applied your favorite tire dressing. :D

FYI: I generally start by giving my tires a thorough cleaning with Westley's “Bleche-Wite” and a large nylon scrubbing brush, then go over the white lettering with the brass brush. Finally, I apply a light coating of Top-Of-The-Line “Best Dressed” vinyl & rubber dressing concentrate using a foam pad. Nice thing about “Best Dressed” is that it's water-based, dries completely so it doesn't pick up dust and grime, and it isn't a solvent that turns black as you apply it. All tire dressings seem to wear off in a heavy rain and this one is no exception, but I find that all I need to do next carwash time is clean the tires and wheels with a wet, soapy sponge, then reapply the dressing. Touching up the white letters is a cinch with the brass brush!

Cheers ...

~Rich in NEPA~
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