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Well I am one of the fools who has tried one. I have had mine in for a couple of years now and put on 24000 kms and the results I have found is snappier throttle, better economy. It may feel like it has more power but I doubt it, its more that you feel the increase of throttle responce so it gets into the power band much quicker. What it generally does it leans the engine out a bit where from the factory it is set to have "x" amount of fuel at any given time compensating for air tempurature. Once you install the "resistor core" you are telling it to input less fuel, there for the engine has less to chew on.

I have not seen any damage so far in using this item in the car, but theory's are to be believed that because of the less fuel coming into the combustion chambers it is more likely to have less cooling efficiency on the cylinders. I have done an engine tear down after using it for 20000 kms and the pistons seem fine. most people are to believe that with less fuel there can be early detonation and possible damage is burning of the top of the pistons. I will pull it apart in another 20000 and see what I see then.

In the end.. Is it worth it? I dont know for the $18 I paid for it on ebay it gives me the same throttle responce as compared to a $70+ lightened crank pulley.

You decide.

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