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DIY-Turbo 2.2l OBS 12.89s 1/4mile @ 106.17MPH
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There is an accessport for the newer N/A Subarus ('05-'08)

Folks have been playing with piggybacks on N/A Subarus for years - look @ some of the High CR, cammed, N/A builds on

I personally think that a N/A build (above & beyond basic bolt-ons) can get get very expensive for relatively small power gains if you do not get good deals on the parts.
I picked up an OBX EL-Header + A drop in K&N + A ganzflow intake pipe from a guy who sold their 2.5RS & bought a WRX for just $200 shipped!

I Then fabbed a mandrel bent resonated midpipe to connect to a brand new Prodrive BH5 N/A specific muffler that I got CHEAP from a friend & slapped everything on my 2000 Legacy Brighton Wagon (EJ252) 0-60MPH times dropped from 9.67s stock to 8.05s with the mods (STOCK ECU) on my G-tech PRO, not a dragster but way quicker than stock...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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