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I own a 2012 Outback 3.6R auto tranny with 7K miles. Seriously, is there really anything out there to increase more the MPG than performance? Can intake and exhaust changes "really" make the car not just perform better but get a bit of MPG gains?:confused:

The car has plenty power now but I'm sure it's restricted by all the EPA controls imposed on the little motor that Porsche seems to gets tons of power from. Is the Subaru engine detuned that much? I don't want a drag monster of a car, just one that maybe could eek a bit more mileage and maybe some very mild performance numbers out of it. Is this too much to ask?:rolleyes:

Should I just search the threads on here for exhaust systems, intake systems and all that jazz? Or just leave a good thing alone, as could as it can be at the present moment? Sigh.:(

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You'll get more MPG based on driving style than anything you can do to the car.

Bump up the tire pressure, stay under 60 MPH, be gentle on the throttle.

Or you can try for more power. You kinda have to pick one.
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