I bought these parts new and used them until July when I upgraded cars.Powerstop evolution rotors pn#JBR1318XPR. I used these with Bosch semi-metallic pads and the car would stop much harder than stock.They have surface rust of course but no wear or glazing shows so they're ready to run! Subaru roll bar pn#201451VA000. For a 2017 STI but it fits the Outback with new bushings which are included.This made the biggest difference to the handling of my car. Before the rear would would wallow and it took far too long to settle in quick transitions.I described it as "seasick" .The stock 11mm bar is inadequate but this 20mm STI bar is not lol.The chassis stays flat and the driving experience is so satisfying.It will pick up a rear tire over uneven terrain and in tight corners.Takeda cold air intake pn# aFe TR-4304P. A very well engineered part that makes power everywhere and the sound is pure music It sounds like the engine has a beautiful tenor singing voice.I think I'm missing one of the clips and the sticker fell off but everything important is there. The kit uses the front half of the factory air box and the clips so it will be complete on yours.The filter is washable and doesn't use oil so maintenance is a breeze.
This package will transform your 3.6r.
The value is unbeatable,be first.
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