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I have not really seen a thread for this and not really any evidence that it is even possible except a video on youtube where you hear a blowoff valve. STI Outback - YouTube

To the point, is it possible to do a turbo swap on a 2nd gen outback specifically an 02? if so what engine would i use? is there some website that i could buy one new? would tyhey come with a tranny and ecu? is there a naturally aspirated engine that would give me some kick, with out all the hastle?
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do a lot of reading as suggested above and over at NASIOC.

do not post questions at NASIOC without searching and reading there first. even then, put on your thick skin and big boy pants. do not feed the trolls.
haha, yeah, i did some looking around on this site first but didn't find much, i figured asking for links would be fastest.
And, when you decide to do it, you do not need a "piggyback" or seperate EMS to run large boost. Ed at XRT can reprogram your stock ECM to run the boost. He remaps the ROM definitions to fit your driving. Its easiest with 02 and newer. But, in doing mine, we learned a lot.

Website: Xtreme Racing Tuning
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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