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Time for a separate thread, as this is a developing issue...

Well this has gone from overheating and a radiator clean-out to a definite case of head gasket failure. I am amazed at how much I found online about this problem with this engine (and a few other similar engines).

OK, in the last few days I've been talking to the dealer service people, and the SOA customer service line.

The dealer said this car is not under the 100,000-mile warranty extension; that only applies to 1999+ Phase 2 engines. They said call the SOA national number.

SOA said I'm SOL, but I can have my dealer's service manager contact the "District Goodwill Assistant" and see if they can do anything to help me out.

So, I've made an appointment for 8:00 on the 13th (auspicious, eh?) and they will tow the car to the dealer for inspection.

Stay tuned, listeners, for our next exciting chapter!
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