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Pics of 17" Sport Edition Rims on Gen4???

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I am looking to order winters for my 3.6l 2011.

I will likely get the tire/rims from Tirerack and wanted to see some pics of the Sport Edition series on an Outback before ordering.

I don't know if Iam all that keen on the styling of the A7's they recommend from their blog.

Sport Edition A7 Silver Painted
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Did you see that last tab that says "Photos on Vehicle"?

BTW: the 17 inch A7 wheel weighs 25 pounds.

The 17 inch SE 17 wheel weighs 20 pounds. I know which one I would buy....

Sport Edition SE-17 Silver Painted

BTW I am a big fan of Sport Edition wheels - they are durable (keep them waxed inside and out) and hold up well, and are very affordable. A simple five spoke design is very easy to keep clean in the winter.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
Thanks for the feedback.
I am kind of leaning to the F11's but no weight listed right now.
Sport Edition F11 Silver Painted
You are leaning toward a good choice. ;) I have the 16 inch F7 wheels on my '07 XT for warm weather use - they are identical to the F11 except that they have a slight ridge along the center line of each spoke.

Sport Edition F7 Silver Painted

More pics here: Index of /images_web/Outback

I can't comment on how the wheels are forged, but I expect it is by the cheapest method possible since the price is so low. I wouldn't worry about sliding into a curb sideways - that will ruin any wheel, no matter how strong. And it will most likely pretzel the suspension on that corner of the car. I've had no issues with rim bending in the seven years I have been running Sport Editions on three cars, but I haven't pushed them into a curb either. I also have had zero problems with the finish, but I am anal about keeping them cleaned and waxed on both sides.

Are you dead set on 17s? I don't know if 16s will clear your calipers, but they are a better choice for winter, and the wheels and tires are both cheaper.

You could call about the F11 weight - but I expect they are reasonably light. My 16 inch F7s are 18 pounds.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
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With all due respect, it sounds like your shooting from the hip. Not a good way to spend $500+ dollars.
Well, with all due respect, having owned three sets of Sport Editions with ZERO issues, I don't think I'm shooting from the hip at all.

These wheels are cheap, look good, are reasonably light, hold up very well if you keep them waxed, and if you slide your car into a curb, then just buy another wheel for $90..... it's about the same cost as getting a $300 wheel rebuilt.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
Also, I think you said yourself in an earlier post that you do not use your wheels in winter weather, so "having owned three sets" doesn't apply much to this conversation, does it?
Two of my sets are for winter use. The city and the WA DOT use plenty of caustic deicer, and the wheels are holding up fine.

Let's just stop this now, OK? ;) We obviously are sitting on opposite sides of a very large fence.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
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