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Pics of 17" Sport Edition Rims on Gen4???

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I am looking to order winters for my 3.6l 2011.

I will likely get the tire/rims from Tirerack and wanted to see some pics of the Sport Edition series on an Outback before ordering.

I don't know if Iam all that keen on the styling of the A7's they recommend from their blog.

Sport Edition A7 Silver Painted
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I see that those Sport Edition wheels are cast, which is normal for aftermarket wheels in this price range. My second question would be if they are "low pressure," or "high pressure" cast. If they are high pressure, I would stay far away from them, especially in the 5-spoke configuration. Yes, easy to clean, but they would be a disaster in terms of structural integrity. (Imagine sliding into a curb, and the wheel hits the curb at the point where there is no spoke... it would bend like butter.)

If it were me, I would go with a quality low-pressure cast wheel with an even pattern all around, or of course a OE forged wheel. This would obviously be the strongest.
YI wouldn't worry about sliding into a curb sideways - that will ruin any wheel, no matter how strong.

With all due respect, it sounds like your shooting from the hip. Not a good way to spend $500+ dollars.

Here is more info on the allow wheel manufacturing process. Worth a read:
Alloy wheel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Again, if I were the OP and I were shopping for after-market wheels, I'd buy LOW PRESSURE CAST. Period. To me, it's easily worth the extra dollars per wheel.

These are Sport A7s, I think....

Yes, the SE A7's are identical in design to the ASA JH-3's. I used to run these (ASA's) as winter wheels on my old G35 coupe. Excellent wheels. They took a beating here in Boston and kept perfectly true after 3 seasons.

As I understand it, Sport Edition has taken over production of the JH-3, so no matter which brand you buy (ASA or SE), it will be made in the SE factory. This would make me feel much better about buying the SE branded A7's.

As for the other SE-made wheels, I'd still want to know how they are made as they could use a different casting machine within the factory, but based on the fact that ASA has associated themselves with the brand, I am warming up to Sport Edition wheels...
Well, with all due respect, having owned three sets of Sport Editions with ZERO issues, I don't think I'm shooting from the hip at all.

These wheels are cheap, look good, are reasonably light, hold up very well if you keep them waxed, and if you slide your car into a curb, then just buy another wheel for $90..... it's about the same cost as getting a $300 wheel rebuilt.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA

That works in theory, but try getting a replacement wheel for a set of wheels purchased a few years ago. Styles and technologies are always changing, and companies are always going out of business.

Your logic holds true only for OEM wheels, with few exceptions.

Also, I think you said yourself in an earlier post that you do not use your wheels in winter weather, so "having owned three sets" doesn't apply much to this conversation, does it?
Two of my sets are for winter use. The city and the WA DOT use plenty of caustic deicer, and the wheels are holding up fine.

Let's just stop this now, OK? ;) We obviously are sitting on opposite sides of a very large fence.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA

I didn't know there was a "fence," as you put it. Everything I've said raises valid concerns.

I have brought up valid points on the manufacturing processes of aftermarket wheels as well as replacement support for aftermarket wheels. These are two important subjects when it comes to wheel shopping.

I am sorry if you interpreted my statements as combative, but I will speak my mind if I have something to contribute to the subject.

Have a good day.
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