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Pics of 17" Sport Edition Rims on Gen4???

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I am looking to order winters for my 3.6l 2011.

I will likely get the tire/rims from Tirerack and wanted to see some pics of the Sport Edition series on an Outback before ordering.

I don't know if Iam all that keen on the styling of the A7's they recommend from their blog.

Sport Edition A7 Silver Painted
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Taste of course is in the eye of the beholder. To me they look a bit on the fancy side if you are going to use them for winter. I thinking about getting winter tires also and making the decision between getting their own rims and put up with the low tire pressure light but make it easier to change them out, or putting them on the stock rims. If I get them I will expect they will be pretty trashed most of the time with road salt etc . . . If I get them, I will get (probably not too pretty) working rims as they will get trashed anyway. But that is an individual call.
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