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2001 Legacy Outback LTD, 2.5 automatic 4cyl
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Oh dear, I had my head gaskets replaced last December and the car (2001 OBLtd 2.5)
has been running well. All of a sudden it overheated last week after I let it warm up on the driveway for just a few minutes, no longer than 5. The overheat showed up 25 minutes into my drive home and as soon as I notice the gauge rising, I pulled over to check it.
The radiator cap was not even hot and the coolant looked topped off. I did start the engine and add about 3/4 cup of coolant, and initially the gauge was at the proper setting, between 7-8 o'clock. Then, just a few minutes from home (20 minutes from when I added the coolant) the gauge began to rise again to about 11 o'clock but went back down. This time I could feel that the heat wasn't as warm as it should be, the classic sign of overheating.
Oy, I wanted to get another year out of this car :(
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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