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just got a 2002 VDC OBW 3.0 every thing seems to work but no sound dealer has tried 3 different HUs and still no sound any help will be appreciated!!!!!!
check fuses in / on / around the amp under the passenger seat.

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Talk about waking the dead. You having an issue with the McAmp / sub?

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For anyone still doing this stuff, here is a link to a guy who details the wiring to a T. It addresses the whining issue as well. (Basically, don't hook up the shield of the RCA cables to the negative input of the amp. Rather, connect them to the chassis of the amp via the DIN cable shield to prevent the whine.)
Also a link to a service manual for the amp and a resistor hack to bump up the subwoofer output portion of the amp.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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