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plastic cover under fog lights came loose. What size are the clips?

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While driving from the California bay area to San Diego I started to smell burning plastic. So I pulled off at the next exit and started to hear something scraping on the ground. It turns out that the plastic underbody piece which goes from the front right fender to the fog lights had come loose. I managed to tuck it back up there and duct tape it in place, but whatever is used to fasten it in place was nowhere to be found. Are they generic plastic body clips that I could pick up from O'Reilly's, or bolts, or some unique size that I'll have to find online? Thank you for the help! I'll post a picture if it's needed.
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Mine actually just did the same, destroyed in the process. I have to hit the salvage yard to get a replacement.

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Sorry to hear that! if you could post pictures of the part, it's fasteners, and how it attaches, I'm sure it would be helpful to other members of this board.
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