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Please Help, Fog Light Mod

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Please Help!!!! This is my first time posting anything on any forum.

I just got my first Subaru and so far I love it. I ordered a 2012 6speed MT 2.5 and I really want to make my factory fog light switch work as a stand alone switch for my fog lights. I know that it can be done I just dont know where to start? I have no diagrams for relay locations or wire colors and locations. Can someone please help me!
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2012 Outback 2.5 Limited 6speed MT, Leather, all weather pkg
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Still Need help

I am still in need of some assistance :( I am looking for diagrams and locations of the OEM fog light relays so I can make my OEM fog light switch a stand alone switch instead of only on when low beams are on. I will take any help I can get. Thanks
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