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Information for New Users

Avatar Size Limits
The maximum size for avatars in this forum is 120 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall. Please make sure your avatar falls within these dimensions. If you go outside of the dimensions we will help you get it fixed. Staying outside of the dimensions (after explanation) will result in having your avatar disabled.

Post Counts
Although your title does go up with your post count you do not gain status. Here at The your post count has absolutely no effect on your power or reputation. As a matter of fact, if you spam to reach a high post count you will be respected much less than a new member. When it comes to applying to be a moderator your post count will not be considered. Things like contributions, grammar, knowledge, and participation in relation to the forum you are applying for will be.

Participation Suggestions
New Topics
If you want to make a new topic please go through the old pages and use the search feature to see if someone has already made the topic you have in mind (for now post away!). Some forums also have 'Common Topics' lists that you may check. If someone has already made a topic you are interested in, please feel free to reply to the old topic no matter how long it has been inactive. We encourage members to revive old threads. You don’t need permission to make new topics and, in fact, making good new topics is a great way to earn respect from everyone. Take a moment out to think of the proper forum for your new thread so the moderators don’t have to move it.

Getting Along and Fitting In
It is not hard to fit in with the crowd as many have learned. All you need to do is share your views and participate in discussion. Avoid the holier-than-thou attitude and do not act like you or your beliefs are greater than that of other members. Avoid bragging, slander, and flames. Those things aside, it really isn’t that hard to be one of our forum buddies.

Forum Rules (Important)
Do not spam in the OB forums. Spam is any post that does not directly further the objective of a thread, which includes off topic posts, posts which only contain a few words and/or emoticons, and inappropriate replies to a thread. If a thread asks for an opinion, rather than simply saying “Yes” or “No” in a post, explain your position and the reasons why you make your decision. This helps promote conversation. If you want to convey a large amount of information, and it is possible to do so in one post, please do so. This helps conserve forum space and download times. In general if you get three spam warnings action (possibly a temporary ban) will be taken to slow the problem, as spam only leads to a low quality forum. The impact of the action taken will relate to the location of spam and the moderator's judgement.

If you post information found somewhere else or written by another person besides you make sure you post the source (e.g. if you post codes make sure you post the person that wrote them). We consider this a very serious issue; make sure you don’t break this rule.

Tasteless Content
Members who post vulgar text or images will be warned or banned. We decide what is vulgar or tasteless, not you.

Member Relations and Flaming
Do not blatantly attack another member because you don’t like them or because you disagree with their opinion on a matter. If you have personal words to share with them do it via private message. Open attacks will result in warnings or banning (temporary or permanent). Unwanted private attacks (flames sent via PM to a member), if brought to our attention, will cost you the loss of your private message abilities. What is a flame? A flame is a blatant attack on another member (not their argument). If you insult another member purposefully to any degree, even in a foreign language, it will result in a flame warning. If you are participating in the Off Topic forum, make sure you only go to topics you can talk about without getting angry (e.g. don’t go to an Abortion thread and call everyone that supports abortion murderers). Doing something like this is a great way to be banned or warned. Instead calmly share your opinions and hold a civil discussion. There are many very smart people here, do not assume you are the smartest and do not assume everyone else is wrong.

Trolling is a net term, which refers to a malicious post that is designed to anger or upset people in general, cause flame wars, or otherwise unwanted behavior on the forum. Unlike a flame, a troll is generally not targetted toward a single person but to a group of people.

Topics such as "Which is better, X-Box or PS2?" or "Why are Blonds stereotyped as dumb?", on the other hand, permit a balanced discussion without inciting anger from either side of the opinion spectrum. As you can imagine, trolling also applies to individual posts, and not just new threads that are made. Posts such as "So which one of you stupid debators can prove me wrong?" are also considered trolling. Trolling is a serious offense (as serious, if not more, than flaming) that carries a severe warning with it. As such, we request that you avoid trolling, or responding to trolls. Make your topics and posts as unbiased and open for discussion as possible, and do not throw generalized insults to the members or any group of members on this board.

Listen to the Administrators and Moderators
These people run this forum. It is his or her job to make sure this is a friendly and rewarding place for everyone that participates. If you get a message from one of them pay careful attention. Do not assume a moderator has no power in forums they don’t moderate, because they do. Keep in mind that the administrators have trust in the moderators and trust their decisions, but also listen to members and try to work out the best solutions to problems. With that in mind, also remember that you can approach any moderator or administrator if you are having problems with the forum. We are here as a support team for members, not just a police force on the forums.

Sensitive Topics
You may see these in the General or Off Topic forums. Only participate if you know you can have a civil open-minded discussion. Do not attack members because of their personal views and do not attack things they hold dear (e.g. attacking a specific religion is unacceptable, discussing various beliefs of a religion is, on the other hand, perfectly fine). Do not make generalized and/or hateful statements toward religions, races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, etc. If you don’t want to learn and hear different opinions (contrary to your own) then do not participate. We are very serious about this issue.

Comments and discussion regarding other forums
If you are going to discuss other forums here at make sure you do not attack them. Examples include, “<message board> is just a flame haven”, “everyone at <message board> is an idiot”, and “<message board> is biased, I can’t stand it”. I think forum wars are just pathetic, so to be frank, keep these views private and out of this forum.

Private Message Issues
While we respect the private part of private messaging (i.e. we have no way of seeing your messages), if you're blatantly insulting someone, flaming, etc, and the object of your flaming takes it to one of the administrators, we reserve the right to remove your PM capabilities for a period, or permanently, from repeated violations.

Keep in mind, as we cannot see the PMs being sent, this is a subjective decision. If you find it unfair, or if you think it was done by someone whom was doing it out of spite, we'll be requesting screenshots of the message(s) in question, for evaluation of said claims. Also, even if you complain about someone sending a harrassing PM, we also reserve the right to ask for proof, either via the aforementioned screenshot, or by getting confirmation from the offending party or parties involved. Abusing this rule to try to harm someone out of spite will result in a severe warning.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning from the administration and moderation team. Warnings get recorded, and in general, somewhere between 3-5 warnings results in a t-ban (temporary ban for two weeks) or p-ban (permanent ban), depending on the severity and circumstance of the warnings issued. A t-ban places you on ban warning, which means that the next serious offense you make after a t-ban results in a p-ban. However, p-bans can be issued at administrator's discretion without a t-ban. Circumventing a ban will result in a p-ban, period. If you have a question about your ban, please email the administrators.

After three months, a warning will expire, unless it is severe (at the discretion of the administrators). This is to allow members to adjust to the board and change their behavior, and become good-standing members without being afraid that the next mistake they make will result in a ban. At any time, you may request an administrator or moderator to give you a report on your current warnings. If you wish to question a warning, please do so civilly, and address the moderator who gave it to you. If you feel uncomfortable confronting the moderator, please forward your concern to an administrator. An administrator's word is final.
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