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Poss HG Issue - HELP

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Hey Guys

First time poster hope u can help.

'05 Legacy 155,600 miles. Bought used at 38k miles.
Maintained by independant mechanics since it was purchased. Car maintained properly and regularly.

Brought car to the dealer for tranny service and differential service last month.

Brought car to dealer for oil change and to check out starter on Saturday cause I wanted to see my bf and he lives in same town (weak, I know).

Tell service guy to change oil, check starter and if he could tell me if the amount of oil they take out of car is same amount of oil they put in car. I asked this because sometimes smell of burning oil comes into cabin and when I was a kid I had to regularly add oil to a car I had cause it burned it.

Guy comes back says oil change done, you need a new starter $450 and the tech is still drawing up the estimate for the new head gasket. I say what hg? He says its bad and needs to be replaced. $1,800.

Says gasket will blow and antifreeze will spew all over the motor.

Car runs fine. MPG has not dropped. Car does not overheat. AC works intermittently.

How do they know? Do they do any tests? Should they have told me what test they did? Can I call them back and ask them what test they did? Why do I not smell coolant in the cabin?? shouldnt that be compromised? Wouldnt there be traces of oil that my regular mechanics would be able to see? They changed the coolant at the start of the summer and said it looked good.

My bf's mechanic took a QUICK look at the engine and under the car too and says he cant see anything to indicate a HG failure but he would like me to leave car there so he can take a better look.

Tell me what I need to know please!!
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so many words I could say but, I'll try to simplify;

1. NEVER return to that dealership.

2. why did you want the starter checked?

3. post your city or bf's city and maybe someone can recommend a different shop to inspect the car for diagnosis/second opinion

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Hello thanks so much for your reply!

I asked about the starter cause a couple of days last week as the car started, it made a grinding noise right after turning over. It did it every time I started the car 2 days in a row, and then not since.

Any recommendations for Smithtown NY?

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