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Possible trade GT for OB

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I currently own a 2002 LGT wagon, 5spd, 142k etc. Over the last year and a half I replaced the head gaskets (and all engines gaskets/seals), new clutch, new group N trans mount, new center differential etc etc. I'm at a cross roads here. The car is not particularly fast, nor does it handle corners great and it lacks ground clearance to go offroad. I could make it handle better w/out too much $, fast isn't needed (I have my cammed E30 and my wifes OBXT w/ a reflashed ecu) and I'm unsure if I need to go offroad. I should add that I stopped past a friends shop today and picked up a pair of 06 WRX seats to make it a little more supportive through the corners.

I have someone that wants to trade me an 03 OB w/ 160k on it. 5 spd, cold weather package, no sunroof (I really really like a sunroof). Supposedly the car was owned by an older couple that bought it new, never been abused, recent hg fix etc.

Am I a fool to trade a mechanically known car for an unknown entity? Also, when my wife had her 03 Legacy wagon, it would buck when you'd let off the throttle (worse w/ ac engaged). This car does the same thing. My 02 does NOT buck when you let off the gas. Does this bucking have to do w/ the egr valve on the 03?

I'm not sure what to do and yes, I'm asking a group of strangers for car advice;)

Thanks guys!
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For me the bucking was because of the rear differential bushings in my 5-speed OB. There was a large discussion somewhere that came to a fork where people sort of fell into two camps. I'm unsure of what ended up happening, but I'll look for the thread.

I realllllllllly want an Outback with a sunroof too :p

But to answer your actual question. I would just drive the Outback and see how it feels compared to your Legacy. I personally feel like you've invested a lot into your Legacy but you seem like your almost ready to sell it anyways so maybe you should go for it.
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