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2008 Outback 2.5i
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I've been working on a CAN bus logger, in addition to the CAN stuff, one of the things that it does is capture the battery voltage every 10 minutes--including when the vehicle is shut down.

In looking at the results over time I've started to notice that just about 60-90 minutes after the vehicle is shut off my battery voltage will actually increase by ~0.2V, this suggests to me that a small load is removed from the battery.

My assumption is that there must be some activity from one of the computers in the car that continues for an hour or so after shut down. When I had a GM many years ago I recall reading about the body computer staying active for 30 minutes after shutdown--I can't recall why this was true, just that it was thing that it did. Is there something similar that happens with our Subaru's?

This isn't a problem, I'm just curious if anyone happens to have any info about it.

I don't have any aftermarket items in the vehicle and my OBD device doesn't do anything differently, so I assume it must be something factory. It's a 2008 Outback 2.5i.
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