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copy of message to my dealer

We are having a problem with the lift gate switch on the back deck lid. You showed us earlier how touchy it was to do only in a certain way and that has worked for my wife and I.

NOW: When squeezing the lift gate button there is a different sound and the gate lock does not completely release so the pressurized cylinders can lift up the gate. The gate will not open! The switch on the dash console and the push button on the key fob will not work to (override) open either when in this position. I have tried to push down to relock it but that does not work either.
The gate seems to be released but will not open. The sequence of clicks has changed to my ears. It takes both of us to open the gate to get into the back boot, very difficult for us to do. After getting the gate up, the close switch on the gate lid will not work and I must use switch on dash to do this.

IF we use ONLY the dash switch or the key fob button for opening or closing, everything works OK??

I have read reviews on Edmunds and other Subaru Forums that I belong to and found this was an ongoing problem. The Edmunds site read, balky-cranky-unpredictable-frustrating. Some of the other forums basically said the same thing.

NOW is there a LASTING fix for this design problem and if so, how much cost to us for this fix??

ANSWER; I can’t do this week but I have any day available next week. Also the price can kind of vary but worst case scenario your looking around $400.00 to replace all three sensors.
Not to good for car with only 29,000 miles

Maybe convert to manual lift gate???
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