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All liftgate functions are as expected EXCEPT:

The liftgate will not respond to the dash button unless one of the following:
1) The liftgate has been opened or closed by key buttons or liftgate button.
2) The key is on.

This seems not normal. I think I should expect to be able to unlock the doors, then push the dash button for a couple of seconds, and have the liftgate open. Am I expecting too much.

Note: I have done a system reset with the battery leads. Had to reset window actions, clock, and tire pressure units.

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Seems odd.

On my previous 2016 Outback & now new 2017 Outback, the only times the rear tail gate will not open is if all the doors are locked, even if the driver door is the only one unlocked and the rest are locked, the tail gate will not open & while the vehicle is in motion.

If your car is still within the 3/36 warranty, take it into service & demonstrate the issue.
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