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I would like to share my recent findings with the group from my daughters new 98 OB LTD that may help someone with this problem. (Note: Dealers please stop reading here. :)

We bought the car with 90k and the owner told us that the power mirrors and seat heaters had not worked for a long time. The fuse keeps blowing and the dealer could not find the problem.
Determined to find the problem, I put in a 30A fuse (supposed to be a 20A) and turned the car on. After a few seconds smoke started coming from the drivers side window pillar cover (A-post). I immediately removed power and took off the cover. I found that the wire harness in that pillar had indeed overheated and one of the wires had slightly melted.
I further traced the harness up to the headliner where it split off. One pair of wires went to the visor for the vanity mirror lamps. I unscrewed the visor from the headliner and voila! The two wires that go to the lamps in the visor had been crimped by the metal bracket holding the visor to the point where they were showing though the insulation and shorting to the metalwork in the roof.
I had to replace the wires all the way down to the dash since they had melted in various places.
Once the wires were replaced and properly insulated, all the systems on that fuse now work (mirrors, seat heaters, vanity mirror lamps.)
Hope this saves someone a ton of time!!

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Congrats on the fix. But I will say...Never put a larger fuse size in to try and fix a problem. Sounds like you did it to troubleshoot, so I will be easy on you;)

A fire can start immediately when you put a larger size fuse in if the current draw is larger than the wire can handle. But anyway, sounds like that can/could be a common problem with the way the wires got crimped. Brian
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