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Power Steering Belt Replacement- Again

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I was recently given a 2002 Subaru Outback with the 2.5l engine.

The car has sat for the last eighteen or so months in Western New York, so it needed a little bit of love to get back up and running. The check engine light is still on, and is coding the Catalytic Converter, but that's another story.

The one problem I ran into was the power steering belt. When I first began driving it, the belt was squealing pretty badly when the car was sitting still. Eventually, it began affecting other systems. I replaced the belt, and discovered the old one was in shreds- not sure how it even stayed on.

That was about three weeks ago. Everything has been fine (except that darn CEL), but recently it began to squeal again when parked and turning the wheel, very light as it started before but it seems like the same problem. I don't mind replacing the belt again, but I'm sure there's more to this if the belt has to keep getting replaced. Any ideas?
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may be the system is sucking in air which will make the pump/releif valve w'ever noisy. best to look in the resevoir for bubbles or foam. But it's usually more of a 'whine' than squeal. There is a short hose which 'could' have a leak at either end or be cracked - but this is often 2 o-rings at the fitting on top of the pump. Might be a good idea to use a turkey baster with a hose and swap out some of the old fluid for new. Dexron II or equivalent - like valvoline Maxlife Dex/merc for instance- search here for 'air in the power steering' or similar posts.

sometimes, I think the bolt on the adjuster can be too high and the belt will drag/shred on it. Seems like some people receive a belt that's a little too long.
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