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Hey all, I'm looking for some advice. I am embarking on a 4800+ mile trip and am wondering what kind of prep work I should take care of before I depart. I suppose I should mention that I picked up the car with 106k on it not knowing much of it's service history. The timing belt had been done so I am good on that front.

I have completed the following things:

1. Replaced both front CV axles (Passenger side boot was torn)
2. Flushed Transmisson and replaced the filter
3. Flushed the rear differential and cleaned it up
4. Replaced fuel filter
5. Oil change
6. Replaced front and rear brakes (rotors and pads)
7. Replaced all four tires

The brakes were going bad so that was necessary. The tranny, rear diff and fuel filter work were the big unknowns so I had them done just in case. Realitively inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

Recently I was throwing a po328? code (knock sensor) and have removed the sensor cleaning up a bit of corrosion that had built up. The CEL is no longer on and seems to have fixed the problem temp. If the CEL comes on again I will order the part and have it shipped to be installed somewhere along my journey.

I also should mention that on this trip there will be multiple stops in multiple states. I will be staying with friends I have met since my time in the military and averaging 2-4 days per stop.

Any advice or information would be much appreciated. The car holds together strong and there is no real cause for concern as of right now that would lead me to believe it couldn't do this trip without problems.

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The only other things that are left and that I can think of are:
-Air filter
-Spark plugs
-Spark plug wires
-PCV valve
-Windshield wipers
-Engine belts and hoses
-Engine coolant

These items might be good to go but I'm just mentioning them in case they were overlooked as they are at least worth checking. Also, I'd the engine over really good for any signs of head gasket leaks.

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Noticed the rear differential gear oil was changed, but not the front differential. The automatic transmission has a separate front differential (drives the two front axles) with it's own GL-5 gear oil (not ATF).

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A shake down cruise near home would be a good idea I think. Monitor for drips. Pay close attention to the behavior of the temp gauge and the coolant overflow bottle. A new (SUBARU please) thermostat (tested in hot water before installation) and new quality radiator cap might be a good idea, and clean the bugs from the radiator.

while idling, look in the power steering reservoir for bubbles or foam. Might need a coupla o-rings and a hose and a coupla clamps. If the fluid is dark, use a turkey baster, with mabe a small hose on the end, and suck out the tank, replace with Dex III or equivalent (valvoline Dex/Merc) maybe idel the car and do another drain/fill.

If the old tires were evenly worn, alignment may not be necessary.

collect addresses and phone numbers of dealerships along your route.

double check that all the tire changing tools are actually in the car - I had a daughter that bought a used car that was missing the scissor jack! (yeah, found out the hard way). check pressure in the spare.
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