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02 OB sport, 2.5, 5MT, WRX seats/catback/rear bar, Hellas, Home Despot CAI and roof rack
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dunno if anyone else subscribes to Grassroots Motorsports but there are some good Subie fotos in latest issue. incl a flying silver WRX that looks enough like our OBS that it made the lady nervous when i showed it to her....

but main reason i'm posting this is their review of the Saabaru. give the GRM loonies credit, they showed car no mercy at press intro, noting that when they launched turbo version of car (a WRX-2?) hard on pavement at 5-6000 rpm, the Saab flacks got very nervous but that the car dealt with it just fine and launched real hard. but, of course, mon general, it's a Subaru! somehow i just don't see many of the Saabers i know launching their cars at 5 grand.....

i notice that Slaab did finally fix the %#&*^@& excuse for a cup holder.....:D
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