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2015 Outback 3.6r
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Hi All,

I'm considering to buy this Outback. has 57k miles on it, 1 owner, no accidents, in the color i want. This would be my first subaru and i would be a cash buyer. After test drive, we went over numbers. The price for vehicle is $21,950 with everything added the total came to $25,500 out the door. The price included a "prep fee" of $1,395.00. Knocked them down to $24.5k with a 500 discount towards added insurance. This to me is still very high. What would you consider a fair offer? I gave them an offer of $22k and then decided to walk. Would $23k be fair or is that still too high? Any advice/suggestions would be helpful! thanks!
Hi, I have same model with 82k, located in PNW. I’d accept 20k obo for it.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts