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I am having acceleration problems with my 2003 2.5L manual 5 speed Outback, 112k miles. My Outback does not accelerate well from being stopped to shifting into 1st gear. This is especially evident while starting from a dead stop going uphill. It feels like there is little torque. There is no rattling but there is sometimes a whine when I hit somewhere between 1900-2100 RPM while releasing the clutch, the whine is only at a specific RPM and stops once I rev higher and the clutch is fully released. The whine doesn't occur every time I start from a complete stop, but if I try to accelerate harder I think it is more likely. I have not had the engine stall while accelerating from a stop into 1st gear.

I tried to look up online what the whine was, and my googling led me to think that it was a bearing in the transmission.

I had the gear oil changed by the dealer about 2 years ago.

I also find myself shifting down to 1st gear more often if I coasting slowly through a parking lot and then want to accelerate, instead of just using 2nd gear and letting out the clutch slowly.

I have no problems when just cruising on the highway at speed, although my Outback doesn't feel like a race car like it did 10 years ago, I just write that off to losing horsepower over the years.

Here are examples of the whine at 7 seconds and again at 39 seconds and again at 54 seconds:

I should add that I think it is possible that the whine I hear is a red herring and not related to the acceleration problem.
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