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2013 Outback 2.5i Limited
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2013 Outback 2.5 Limited 205,000 miles

After the typical fighting with the dealership about the oil consumption problem (including them overfilling the oil when they started the test and not documenting it properly for SOA) I had them do the short block replacement last summer.

I was reluctant to have it done at the local dealership because of my problematic history with them but decided to have it done. It has never seemed quite right since. The oil consumption has gone way down, but it has never idled as smoothly as before. I brought it in for that, early on but they found nothing wrong.

3 month later I had to replace Cat Converter due to CEL and low CAT efficiency DTC ( I attribute that to the previous oil burning)

More recently it has started hesitating like a misfire /and lacking power 2000-2400 rpm. Hard for me to say if it is a misfire or transmission issue. No Check Engine light this time

Two trips to the dealer; fuel induction cleaning the first time (no improvement); second time they admit the problem but couldn't find anything.

With the CVT warranty extension expiring I brought it to an independent shop which is good with drivability issues and also does transmission work.

Yesterday they called to say they found all 4 engine mounts loose (one bolt out) and vacuum hoses not connected to the PCV. Said fuel trim showed way off due to the the unmetered air. But still had some symptoms after fixing those issues.

Today they called and said all four spark plugs were only hand tight with evidence of gas blow-by and the there was an air leak where the intake from the air filter connects to the throttle body (said the rubber connector was rolled back leaving a gap.)

They replaced the spark plugs which looked damaged and are putting it back together to see how it runs. Hopefully that will fix it. If not, maybe the torque converter IS also a problem.

So I now have about 40,000 miles on the new block with unfiltered air leaks, loose motor mounts and loose plugs. Not sure if maybe the plugs loosening or motor mounts loosening is what caused things to get worse.

Catalytic converter may have been fine after all.
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