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Hello All,

I might be buying an OB Sport tomorrow and have some serious questions, and some more curious questions that I hope some people might be able to answer.

1. What's the deal with the Outback badge? I get confused because the majority of the time I see the Legacy OB. Seems like they could have done a different model designation...

2. The car is an '01, and so it has the 2.2L in it. What is the engine badge (i.e. - EJ20, EJ22T), and what's the badge number of the newer 2.5L? The 2.2L in the OB is not the same as the EJ22T, is it?

3. Are there any performance mods available for the 2.2L in the OB?

4. Are there any suspension differences between any of the other '01 Impreza wagons that need to be address for consideration when upgrading/changing out suspension parts (i.e. - struts, sway bars, strut towers)?

5. Where are the other 2.2L/ old school OBs? I barely see any of them online or elsewhere. Did they make just a few of them?

6. In an AT tranny, are there mods you can do when adding more HP? What about mods, in general, to enhance the tranny?

7. The '01 has drums in the rear, and I'm wondering if anyone has done a disc swap? Is it doable?

Thanks for any help in advance. Have a good one.


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Hello and welcome....Some A's to your Q's

EJ22 (no T) T is for turbo 2.5's are EJ25, etc.
Many mods still for your engine/chassis
The OBS is somewhat rare due to it being imported from Japan and not made in America, and not many imported anyway. And the "Outback" designation is some extra ride height and some options over the Impreza.
Not too much to do to enhance the auto tranny.
Rear drum to disc conversions are very possible and doable, but 75% of the braking is in the front, so it's really not necessary. (my '02 OBS has rear drums) Not until MY04 did the OBS get rear discs.
Have fun with the car.
Check out some links in the performance section for goodies.


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hey P--

welcome! i can't add much to Brian's comments.

get the car. 2.2 is good engine, apparently w/o head gasket problems that plague many 2.5s. and you'kll get easy 30 mpg hwy. no OB is a drag racer, but they cruise well at 80+ and still pass OK if you wind em up. i liked 2.2 in ex' Legacy, which is a 2-300 lb heavier car with more frontal area.

the At performance (shifting, kickdown) is usu imporved with synth ATF. see threads on this.

don't worry abt rear discs until yo've done new hi-perf pads/shoes, stainless lines and new fuild. if you aren't happy with em at that point, THEN think abt the big $to swap rear discs on. NOT a job for othe r than very serious DIYer who understands theory and function of braking system.

the only cost effective mods are minor breathing improvements, freer flowing antake and exh. read other threads on this. if you do it cheap (WRX catback off ebay or cheap rear muffler, install by local muff shop, freer flowing air filter, and home depot cold air intake (CAI) will get you 95% of the improvement you'll get from big $ aftermkt exh and CAI. this will only be 5-7 hp max, tho, but engine will pull more freely and sound better.

not sure what you mean on suspn. ???
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