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We are in somewhat the same position, except that our new car purchase will be sometime next year. The Outback is definitely on our short list (have never owned a Subaru, but continuing with SAAB, our make of 40 years, is not an option), but the method I will employ won't differ no matter which car we decide to buy.

1. e-mail the Internet sales person.

2. Contact a number of dealers in a reasonable radius- limits for us would probably be St. Louis and Chicago....not just the local dealer.

3. No trade in.

4. Make it clear that you are operating downward from some point: invoice, Edmuds TMV (which I believe is fair), etc., and not from MSRP.

From what I have read on this and other car forums, I am leery of "middleman" deals: Costco, AAA, etc. Any time you have middlemen, they're getting paid- somehow. Stick with dealers until you get a price you want to pay.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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