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I already have in my 2016 Outback a RAM mount for my LG G6.
Mount: RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount with RAM Twist-Lock Suction Cup Base I got a long arm (6in as linked) and the suction cup base.
I saw someone on line add a Qi wireless charger to the RAM mount and went looking for something. I found a thin Qi charger and used some electrical tape to strap the charger to the center of the RAM mount.
Charger: 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad/Mat Upgraded,QI-Certified Ultra Thin Round Alloy Wireless Charging Station Compatible with iPhone Xs XR Max iXR X 8/8P/Galaxy S9 S8 S7 Note 9/8 Huawei Mate20(Black)

I've just got everything together. This will be nice to not have to connect a charging cable when I'm navigating and a top off otherwise. I am not sure if the Qi charging rate will be able to keep up with the battery use while using the GPS though. The charger was working and charging my phone. The specific Qi charger I got has a blue led ring on the outside that pulses. It is just as bright as the dash so it was not bothersome. Also curious if it interferes with GPS operation. I have not tried GPS yet. I'll reply with results.


Starting from scratch, buying the RAM mount and charger may be about $80-100.

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I've thought about installing a magnetic wireless charger in the center cubby door.

It would probably be better if I dropped the magnetic requirement and just used traditional arms like you've shown.

But then I'm not sure if the cubby door could still open and close and it would defeat the purpose.

Wireless charging us all I use since the USB C port on my phone doesn't work.
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