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2008 Outback Limited, 2005 WRX Wagon
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I have a 2000 Outback Limited wagon and have been having some intermittent P0183 "Fuel temperature sensor high voltage" trouble codes.

The Fuel Temp Sensor is supposedly part of the fuel pump itself. I've been re-grounding the wiring and doing some other things that often are related to this code being triggered. (Throttle position sensor, Upstream O2 sensor, Grounding issues on the harness and chassis, IAC valve clogged or leaky etc.) and I'm about to pull the whole fuel pump assembly from the tank and test things out.

If it turns out I need a new pump, I have a 2005 WRX OEM fuel pump with only about 60k miles on it sitting in my garage nicely boxed up and stored. Looking at opposed forces, I see that the outback's fuel pump was also used in turbo model Legacy GT's which means it probably has roughly the same flow as the WRX unit. Both pumps appear to have the same size fuel output nipples and electrical plug housings and many 2.5RS owners replace their pumps with used WRX units because they are so cheap since so many WRX drivers upgrade the pumps.

My question is, does any one know if I can use my WRX OEM pump in my 2000 Outback Wagon or is there some incompatibility issue I don't know of? I'd really like to avoid spending any money on a pump just to TRY to fix this pesky little P0183 code.

The WRX pump is part number 42022FE001

The Outback has part number 42022AE02A

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The Fuel temp sensor is attached to the fuel pump module assembly. It is not part of the pump itself. If your pump is working and you have the complete module from the WRX, just swap the temp sensor.

Just to answer your question about flow rate, The Outback pump is rated at 45 gph while the WRX is rated at 50-60 gph. The increased rate will not effect the performance of the system since the system is designed to return unused fuel to the tank. These are max output values. Both are rated at the same pressures.

I am running a DW300 for an STI in my Outback and fitment was tighter.


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